Our goals and commitments

The Green Foundation supports individuals in our local community and nationwide. If you are based in England and require some of the services offered by The Green Foundation, you may be eligible to apply to any of our programmes below. Please read the criteria for each programme carefully before starting an application.Fuel Hardship Fund The Green Foundation makes grants of up to £150 to families and individuals in extreme financial hardship. The programme makes grants directly to an energy supply to help those in arrears to help the fight against fuel poverty. Application & GuidelinesSustainable Development Fund The Green Foundation aims to help improve the sustainability of local communities. We accept applications from individuals, organisations, and communities to provide funding and grants towards regeneration projects and renewable energy projects. These will be submitted to Members of Green to vote to determine who receives funding. Some examples of projects that would be supported by this grant include funding towards solar panel installations, the creation of community groups to promote sustainability, community garden planting, tree planting, or other projects that meet with our charitable goals and objects. Application & Guidelines Educational Events The Green Foundation will attend schools, colleges, community centres, and events to provide workshops, lectures, seminars, or conferences to teach about sustainability and renewable energy. We offer a single event slot per month depending on the availability of educators, and you can request more information by emailing